mission statement

Our mission is to continually develop and perfect a dynamic process which will enable people in privileged regions engage with socioeconomic issues in less privileged regions, in encouraging all round development, and in evolving an multidisciplinary and multi-ethnic network for service to humanity. While many humanitarian organizations offer invaluable services following disasters, natural or moral, our goal is to proactively reach out to those regions that need improvement and address those root issues for rejuvenating communities before problems turn into insuperable quagmires. Specifically our focus is on education, health, small-scale industry development, cultural renaissance and service-sector revitalization in the under privileged communities, irrespective of where they may be located, -developed and developing nations.

Toward this mission, we view The Boston Pledge (TBP) as an incubator of voluntary public service. From Boston to Kolkata, TBP is currently working on several different initiatives including, entrepreneurial development to facilitate bottom-up enterprising, leadership development for professionals who wish to serve difficult issues at the base of the pyramid, and rural development in different parts of the world.

At the core of our work, we celebrate the thoughts of one of the Greatest Philosophers and Public Servants of the 19th Century, and a Luminary in The First Parliament of Religions at Chicago in 1893, Swami Vivekananda: “Our Real Awakening takes place when we dedicate our life to an Exalted Ideal”.

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